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 Thursday, November 15 2012

Class of 2016 Initiation This Weekend - Alumni Needed!
Reported by: HarveyHenao

Alumni Initiation will be taking place this weekend, and will conclude on Sunday at noon with formal ceremonies. We encourage everyones attendance, but realize its short notice, and a long drive from Chicago. Hopefully some of our brothers in Central Illinois, closer to Champaign, can stop by the house to support this important event. Please email Tom Trail ( and Alex White, Current Active President ( if you can attend this weekend.


 Thursday, September 29 2011

Reported by: HarveyHenao

Dear Brothers,

Homecoming is upon us! Below is the schedule for the weekend. Note, we plan on keeping Saturday morning chapter to 30 minutes this year. Hopefully this gives you more time to visit with brothers, or participate at other University events in the morning. We look forward to seeing everyone back at the house in the afternoon for a post game celebration. This will be a good time to catch up with brothers, connect with the actives and meet the new pledges. And most importantly, have fun!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Tom Trail


Friday, September 30th

8pm (or thereabouts) Mooseroom Fireside Chat
Beer, Wine, and Drinks will be served

Saturday, October 1st

8:30 a.m Foyer Coffee and Bagels

9 to 9:30 a.m Chapter Room Formal Chapter

11 a.m Memorial Stadium Mildcats v. FIGHTING ILLINI

2 p.m Front Yard Homecoming BBQ
Catered by Famous Dave's BBQ
Families are invited to attend
Football/Bags in the afternoon

8 p.m. - ?? Mooseroom
Celebration continues in traditional Alpha Delt Fashion!

 Sunday, August 28 2011

Homecoming 2011 / Alumni Rush Event
Reported by: HarveyHenao

Dear Alumni Brothers,

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. I'm seeking your involvement in two upcoming events at the Chapter house: Homecoming on October 1 and an Alumni rush event on September 10.

Believe it or not, Homecoming is only five weeks away, the weekend of September 30 through October 2! Please make your plans to attend soon, if you haven't already, as we're hoping for another large turnout this year. As noted in prior communications, good things are happening at our chapter. We have a solid core of actives in place and we are in the process of recruiting a large pledge class. In addition, we expect the bathroom renovations to be completed soon. We continue to build solid momentum on campus and homecoming remains an important chapter event. If you haven't been to the house recently, we welcome and encourage you to check things out for yourself. More information will follow shortly. By the way, we have hotel rooms available, but you need to act by September 1 by contacting Ryan Hartley at

In addition, we're seeking your participation at an alumni rush event on September 10th immediately after the Homecoming football game. The Illini take on Northwestern at 11 a.m., and I'm hoping
many of you can stay to attend this event after the game or make a special trip to campus to join us. The undergrads are already back at school and busily recruiting new members, with the goal of attracting 30 pledges this semester. As part of rush, the actives are selling our 100 years of strong tradition and brotherhood on campus, and the positive impact Alpha Delta Phi can have on your life. We hope to differentiate ourselves by having alumni present to share this tradition and make direct connections to our history. I'm seeking at least 20 participants of all ages, but encourage everyone to come. If you are interested in joining, please contact me at or Ryan Hartley at Once again, we welcome your participation and feedback.

Thanks for your consideration in attending both of these events. It's an important time in our 100-year history, and your involvement is much appreciated and needed. I look forward to seeing you on campus soon to help us celebrate our history and look toward our future.


Tom Trail
Chairman - The Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi

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